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LV run time and CAN interfaces

When I use the LV run time to access the 'can frame' from a .llb I get an error that it can not find the CAN interface. Is this because it can't access the

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Are you sure you are passing the right name of the CAN interface name from the TStand variable?

Can we see the code of the VI you are calling by TStand?

Italian Developer engineer
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Please include VIs wherever possible along with screenshots. It makes it faster for us to see the problem ure facing.



Prashanth N
National Instruments
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I made the current value default in the vi and used the default value in TST for the interface. This worked.


With the DE set as adapter it didn't gave errors. Whit the RT set as adapter the error showed.Maybe the RT didn't took the interface value with him from TST.

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