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LV Runtime install problem

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Got a question: when installing LabView 2018 runtime on Windows 8 I get an interesting problem. Some of the buttons of the runtime installer do not work.

I have tried two options:

- downloading installing just a runtime 

- building an installer from development environment and installing runtime with it.


In first case I could not select radio button for accept licence agreement (I tried scrolling trough he license text), in second case at one point I could not use next button. In both cases cancel buttons worked. Some other buttons like "back" did not work either.

I see that LV Runtime 2018 is compatible with Windows 8.1 not 8 but can this be the issue?

I have never experienced buttons not working on the installer.

(.NET was installed)



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Take a look at the compatibility chart.  I don't think that combo of LV + Windows is supported.  I'm guessing this applies to the LV RT as well.


Oops you already did.

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