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LV-DSC takes 100% Preformance just for closing Database

My project is to watch long term processes and therefore has to run permanently. BUT if I run it eg. just during the weekent and then try to stop the engine this takes 100% CPU performance for more than 10 minutes and LabVIEW stucks.
LabVIEW uses way too much memory then too. After a while the engine takes the CPU load and finally the Citadell service.
It is similar when I just acknowledge an alarm after a long weekend. (acknowledging time [20s] gets back to normal behaviour [immediately] after 4-5 tries).
It is as if something adds up during a long time run.
Has anyone an idea what's happening?

Thanks Wolfram2
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Ensure you are using LV 6.0.2 and DSC 6.0.2 to remove these issues.
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