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LV DSC Network Security

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I use LV DSC RT 8.2.1


I would like to implement security over my Ethernet Network.

I have one Server Computer and about 15 Clients Computers.


I want to implement NI Security method of User Accounts (Administrator, Operator and Guest) over the Network.

For example, My vision is that if someone,  wants to control the Vacuum System, He should 

enter his user account (while attempting to enter the Vacuum System Application), and assuming that he is an operator,

he will be informed if some other operator (over the network) is now controlling the Vacuum System.

So that the controlling Client of each System will be defined at any time, (to prevent two clients writing to the same Shared Variable at the same time).


Can you guys (or ladies...) can give me some references to any documentation, examples....

I will be happy to get any assistant.


I have read chapters 8 (Security) and 9 (Networking and Deploying Applications) at the document -

'LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module Developer’s Manual'


and except the paragraph at the top of page 9-8 (see below)

I haven't found anything that describe or give examples on how to implement it.



"Duplicating Security Files for Networked Computers
For user accounts to work consistently across your network, you must use
the same lookout.sec file for all your installed copies of Lookout or the
LabVIEW DSC module. After you create the lookout.sec file, make a
copy of it and place the copy into the Windows system directory of each of
the other computers with which you want to be able to use these user



Sincerely Yours,

Amitai Abramson..

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Hello Amitai,


You can create user accounts by navigating to Tools>>Security>>Domain Account Manager.  This will open up a utility that will allow you to create usernames and passwords.  As the note you posted suggests, make sure that each machine on the network has the .sec file.  You can then prevent a VI from being used until someone logs in using the NI Security Invoke Login Dialogue VI. 

I can't remember off the top of my head if this will alert you if multiple users are logged in or not.  Perhaps one of the other DSC Security VIs can provide this information.  If not, you could always have the application write a true to a shared variable when its running, and a false when it stops.  Any other application that tries to run afterward can then check that variable and see if the resources are available.  Hopefully this is enough to at least get you started!

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