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LV Compare error with Tortoise Git

I get that error from an MSYS2 terminal "git diff" with LabVIEW Professional Development System Version 2023 Q3 (32-bit) 23.3.1f1. C:\Users\<>\AppData\Local\Temp\LVCompare.ini does not exist (I have permissions and can create the file manually).

After closing LabVIEW, "git diff" worked. Interestingly, "dir /s /b C:\LVCompare.ini" says "File Not Found" right after the comparison is displayed.

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The error occurs when LabVIEW and LVCompare are started from environments with difference TMP variable folders. LV Options, Path... setting reflects the environment variable's value which LVC apparently uses also so TMP must be set the same in each environment for them to work together. For example, starting LV from Windows w/ TMP=C:\temp then changing TMP=C:\tmp and running LVC from that terminal will fail.

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