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LV 2019 x64 Icon editor - error 6



I'm running into a problem with the icon editor in LV 2019 64 bit. I shows an error dialog (below) and then shows the old editor.


The only thing I did before opening it was opening a project previously saved in LV 2018 64 bit (which also had an icon editor issue, but without the error dialog).


I also tested on LV 2015 SP1, 2017 SP1 and 2018 SP1, only 2017 SP1 isn't showing the old dialog. 2015 SP1 and 2018 SP1 all revert to the old dialog after a few seconds.


Please help. It affects to much of my system. Somehow some shared component that is used by all or most of the LV versions on my system is corrupted.

Error 6 - icon editor - LV2019 x64.PNG

André (CLA, CLED)
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I have some additions that might help pin down the problem.


It seems that manually creating the bin files in "Glyphs" and "Icon Templates" for the specific version seems to be a work-around and allow me to use the icon editor again.


E.g. bin-files for 19.0 and 15.0.1f10 were missing, so copying 18.0.1f2 for 19.0 and 15.0.1f1 for 15.0.1f10 seemed to work.


The question remains: Why aren't these files created on first run of the icon editor?


I have files for certain version, so it worked before. It might be due to either a Windows update or LabVIEW updates (all installed through NI PM).

André (CLA, CLED)
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I can't think of anything that changed in the icon editor code that would cause this issue. I'm guessing there is a file IO problem specific to your system with reading/writing files in your LabVIEW Data folder. The Icon Editor assumes it will have read/write access to that folder, but perhaps something on your system is causing file IO errors when trying to write certain files. Assuming the LabVIEW Data folder is on your disk (and not a network location), maybe do a disk scan to make sure there aren't any corrupt files/sectors.

DNatt, LV R&D
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Hi Darren, 


I will check my disk. It has to be something all the erroneous version have in common. 


The strange thing is that somehow Labview has issues writing to those directories, while I can just add and edit files in there.

One other observation. In case the bin file exists and I refresh the glyphs from the editor - new version - it trips an error and revert to the old one.  Regarding gets me back the new one again. 

I also compared the security settings with a system that doesn't have any issues,  and I can't directly observe an differences. 

Any suggestions for investigation are welcome. 

In most cases it reverts without error dialog,  only 2019 x64 showed error 6.




André (CLA, CLED)
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Another option is to debug the Icon Editor to figure out where it is specifically generating an error. You can download the icon editor source files from here:


Just look for threads titled, "Icon Editor Source Files for LabVIEW 20xx". Follow the instructions to replace the built Icon Editor PPL with the source, then you can debug the source.

DNatt, LV R&D
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Thanks, that'll hopefully provide some more insight.

André (CLA, CLED)
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