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LV 2011 Build Installer Error code -30

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Using LabVIEW 2011 SP1 winth Windows 7.  Made changes to a program and tried to create a new executable and installer.  Executable worked fine.  Got the following error when I tried to create an installer: >> >> >> >> >>

Loading product deployment information
*** Error: Improper function call or command line argument. (Error code -30)
*** Error Details:
Error in MDF API function: _MDFConfig_SetDistributionLanguage
The MDF does not have support for distribution language LANGID 9.
*** End Error Report

Any help is appreciated.

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This thread suggests uninstalling and re-installing LabVIEW, and making sure you have all updates.

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I have the same Issue with LabView 2016. In reinstalled LabView 32 bit and nothing chaged. Always this Error Message when I try to create an install package:


Click the link below to visit the Application Builder support page. Use the following information as a reference: >> >> >> >> >>

The following errors and warnings were recorded during the build:

Internal error.
The installer builder does not have support for installer language LANGID 9. Go to and enter the Info Code InstallerBuilderSupport to obtain more information about errors generated when building an installer.

Where is this missing LANGID 9?

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Hi Tegich,


When you reinstalled LabVIEW, did you try explicitly right-clicking the setup.exe and running the installer as an administrator?


Also, I'd recommend posting this question on a new thread so that more people are likely to see it.

Brandon Grey
Certified LabVIEW Architect

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