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LV 2009 Icon editor

X. wrote:


Couldn't this be kept in memory to avoid having to launch the editor each time it is called?   (emphasis added)


I think this is a great idea.  If we have to wait a few seconds the first time the editor launches, it would not be so bad if it popped up immediately on subsequent calls.



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Another thing I am wondering about is whether there is a fundamental reason for the IE to be holding up LV? I mean it is a dialog box and when editing an icon, you loose the possibility to do anything else in LV!

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@Intaris wrote:


I have noticed, however that there is a feeling of lag when drawing on the icon picture.  It's as if the picture being displayed is about 1/4 of a second behind what I'm actually doing.  Not a major problem, but I'm curious if others see the same thing.



First, the general consensus is that there is quite a bit of delay when the icon editor first opens.  I too witness it taking much less time on subsequent calls with LV2010.  I believe I noticed the same behavior with LV2009.  However, concerning your question with drawing, no, I have not noticed any lag when drawing pictures.  Could it be that your computer is being over-tasked with another application?

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