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LIne up Legend entries with stacked chart


I have an appliction where on the front panel I need to display anywhere from 1 to 16 channels in a stacked waveform plot.  for ease of viewing, I would like the entries in the plot legend to line up with their respective channels in the graphs, similar to the rather crude picture i'm attaching.  The hangup in this is I need to be able to vary the number of charts displayed, 16 max, during runtime.


In my mind, one option is to go with subpanels and have a panel setup for each number of channels i wish to display.  However, I think this would be easier if it were supported by the Waveform Chart itself.  I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Thanks!!!



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If your plot areas are that narrow you can resize the default plot legend text size to meet the size of one plot window. Like this:



The number of plot legend lines shown can be adjusted by using Create -> Property Node -> Legend -> Number of Rows.


Also you can select which plot will be visible/invisible in any given time by using Property Node -> Active Plot and Property Node -> Plot -> Visible combination. 

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While evaluating my code please have in mind that I am a LV novice. Therefore sometimes my code might violate some coding rules that I have to learn about myself. But how else could I do that... 🙂

Chart zoom with "Mouse Over" effect
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I will play with that some.  i feel there are more variables in play here (ability to maximize window to screen, different monitor resolutions) that could be problematic with this approach ... but thanks again!!!  all ideas are welcome ....
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