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LINX is the new LIFA but NOT for Steppers? +Bonus Question

I am currently working on a project controlling linear actuators powered by stepper motors.


Even though I can control the direction and speed of the motor I cannot control the steps it will do.

I remember on LIFA there was StepsToMove function? 

How can I specify the exact steps? Which block should I use?

The duration should be an answer to that. (calculating frequency x time to get distance) but it does not work. The motor continues after the specified time.


Bonus Question: How can I stop the stepper in an emergency situation through the front panel?

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What is the taboo about it? Some official member should respond and let us know. I have spent valuable time experimenting with LINX only to find out that I cannot specify the stepstomove (distance) of my stepper motor? 

So what should I do with them? Just spin them fast/slow clockwise/anticlockwise etc?



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This is not the official forum for LINX. You will likely have better responses over on the LabVIEW Maker Hub. While National Instruments did provide substantial help in creating LINX it is not a National Instruments product in itself. The LabVIEW Maker Hub is the maintainer of LINX and other similar projects.

Most users on this forum have never seriously worked with LINX and use the professional LabVIEW Realtime versions running with the National Instrument CompactRIO realtime platforms.


Besides, getting impatient after less than 24 hours of your first post is not going to help you. People on this forum are either volunteers who will step in if they have any  substantial information to provide, or if they are National Instruments support people they may never have worked with LINX as that is not a product NI sells and is not laying around on every table inside NI.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Thanks for the reply anyway. but I could see my post going down without any answer..

By LINX Forum you mean this?:

I have tried to upload a week ago and also to reply to a thread yesterday and apparently everything is still being moderated. If you are talking about this forum, that is dead..

It is enthusiasm rather than impatience. 

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Please use this code for stepper.

I have written this.


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Pin 3 is for steps and pin 2 for direction

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Hi there,


Just wondering what I am doing wrong. When I load the firmware from the LINX firmware wizard and run the LED example that appears I can connect no problem to my arduino uno. However when I downloaded your VI and ran it, after choosing the com port, I am getting error 5001. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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