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LINX RaspberryPi PS4 controller problems

Hello everybody👋


I have a problem, maybe someone can help me.

I have a little 4WD Car, controlled with a raspberrypi 3 and an Arduino MEGA. Now i will control the car with an PS4 Controller. 

I installed the Makerhub PS4 Lib. The controller works with the examples.


Ah the RaspberryPi is in my home wlan and the controller is connect to the pc.


When i will load the code to the Raspberry then i get the error below. It's in german.


I hope someone can help me.

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I can see you have done some interesting project.

So can you translate the error message for us?



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Of course i will try.


It means: Query input was loaded to the target system with errors and closed



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Hello and sorry for getting back to you so late


So which version of LabVIEW are you using right now and have you performed some updates of your software?

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Hello and no problem


I use LabVIEW 2020. I made no updates.

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