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LED doesn't turn on State Machine



I just cannot get my head arount this problem. I have state machine VI and would like that LED blink the same way as digital channels are open. On output module the lights are blinking as they should, but I would like also that they blink on front panel of VI.

I have observed data flow (highlited execution) and LED is getting TRUE statment, but it still doesn't blink?


Please help.


See the attached VI. On front panel please insert timings 2, 4, 4, 6, 8, 10.


Thanks in advance!


Have a nice day,



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The only LED I see on your front panel is the one called "Polozaj 1", and I never see a True written to it. The tunnel that feeds data to it is set to "Use Default If Unwired", and nothing is connected to it in any of the cases. Thus, it always outputs a False. 


Your code raises a number of questions. It's very sloppy, for one thing. It's extremely difficult to follow wires. The ANDing of Booleans with True/False constants is pointless. ANDing anything with False ALWAYS produces False. ANDing with True ALWAYS returns the value of the other Boolean. Thus, I don't see what you are trying to do there. Do not use numbers for state names. Someone else looking at the code will have no idea what the states are supposed to do. Use names for the states instead. Create a typedef for you enumeration. I can see one red dot, which indicates that at least one of the enumeration constants doesn't match another. This will lead to errors.

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Ok. The wiring was just done, and it will be sorted out, also ANDing(I have done it to se if I change TRUE to FALSE what happens - still learning). Polozaj 1 is wired to TRUE statment in case 1?

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You are correct, I did not see the wire going to the True constant. Is it supposed to go to the constant, or to something else? In all the other cases the indicator will be fed a False, so how were you intending the blinking to work?

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