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LED color change

@kaawn wrote:

Hi paul_cardinale,

I am using labview 8.0 so could not open the vi. Would it be possible to send a picture of the vi?




Here it is.

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@kaawn It does not work like that, only one color at a time. Depending on your program, you should be able to change LED colors programatically.

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@kaawn wrote:

I kinda need to use LEDs.

What does that even mean? As I said, an LED is of boolean type and can only have two states. To use three colors you can ignore the value (TRUE/FALSE) and set the color with property nodes (expensive!) or you need to worry that the color also depends on the value. In any case, you need to carry metadata about the state in addition to the boolean value, doubling the complexity of the datatype.


As I said, a color LED of colorbox type (U32)  is a significantly better idea. Here's one possible example:



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