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I am making a fully automatic timer like they user for track and field runners.


The simplied version is to have a push button start the timer and once the a runner passes by a sensor ( havent figured what kind yet) a webcam will take a single photo of that runner and stop and display their time.


Will a LCD display be able to count up to display the time as the runner is running?


Please and thank you!

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LCD is never able to count anything, It will display only what you asked him to

Kudos are always welcome if you got solution to some extent.

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Hello there nicoledenise, as Ranjeet_Singh said, LCD does NOT count up (nor down). You need to make a separate module to count the time, and the same module that controls that should be the one in charge of sending the data to the LCD to update it on it, and the LCD will display the value you send to it. 

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Thank you.

If I am correct, there will be nothing showing the time physically but only displaying it on the LCD when stopped?

If you may, can you please explain what you mean by creating a separate module.



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Maybe it's far easier to display the time on the same screen you are displaying the picture on?  (With an LCD display, you will have to fight with drivers.)

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