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LB 8.6 evaluation tookit vi ca not be used in build executable?

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I installed a professional version of Labview 8.6.1 licenced in my computer. In the Release Notes I was informed that a list of many features are going to be installed but from this list only some are licenced with my licence all the other are for evaluation. Here are my questions:

1- Why in Relased Notes there is no information which of the features are going to be licenced which are in eveluation mode? Maybe National Instruments personnel can provide me with this type of list.

2- While in eveluation mode I notticed I can use everything working with Labview code but when I buld an executable I have errors as the one in the attachment. Is a restriction for these evaluation toolkits for being used in building executable?

3-Why looking at this error I have right away a Labview crash, as in previous attached file?


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I'm not sure how the release notes could specify which options you did or did not purchase a license for.


Since you did not purchase the report toolkit, you cannot build an exe that uses it. You can certainly evaluate the report toolkit in development mode but there are bound to be some restrictions in creating an executable that you can distribute to countless users. If you are happy with the toolkit in development mode and need it for exe's you plan to build, you need to buy it.

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