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Hey guys, I am involved in a project using Labview. In this, I need to publish my front panel to the internet so that it can be viewed from anywhere. But right now I can only access it through a local connection. I have done it using the Web publishing tool. Anybody knows how? if yes explain it with an example code please....

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I changed your subject line to something more meaningful since EVERY message in the LabVIEW board is about LabVIEW.


The instructions wouldn't be any different than how you would to web publishing of VI that other computers on your local area network would see.  But the computer will have to be visible to the outside world which PC's on a LAN typically aren't.


You should contact your IT department and find out how to make your PC visible out on the web.  Don't be surprised when they tell you that they aren't going to allow that.

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No, My problem is that I have gathered some datas using the accelerometer sensor. I have the values and corresponding graphs in my front panel. I need to be able to monitor these values and grapy from anywhere i.e from internet and not from the local network. I have a local html page now which I obtained from web publishing tool. Is there any way to visualize my front panel from the internet??

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@Karthik99 wrote:

Is there any way to visualize my front panel from the internet??

You have to get a web browser to point to the HTML that the front panel is publishing.  The computer trying to access this front panel will need the LabVIEW Runtime Engine.


Alternatively, you could use LabVIEW NXG and the WebVI toolkit so that it is a server that is publishing the data and not your computer.

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Actually I can access my front panel through web browser (chrome) from my mobile if I am connected to the same network as my host computer. If it can be accessed through internet using labview nxg can you please show me a tutorial with a sample vi?


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There is no sample VI.


NXG is a completely different animal where NI is creating a lot more web-based capability.


Despite all of that you still need to work with your IT department to figure out how you can get the the PC that is serving up the web page to be visible from anywhere on the internet.  That is a networking issue rather than a LabVIEW issue.

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 Thanks.Anyway do you know how to host a web server from labview? So that I can share my data to web??

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No.  I don't.  I would start with Google.

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I have searched many websites and referred many YouTube videos but there wasn't any clear information about it.If you come across the solution to this pls let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Karthik99,


If you are using the LabVIEW NXG Web Module a possible workflow for making data from a local LabVIEW application securely available on the internet is the following:

  1. In the LabVIEW application publish data using the Tags and Messages to SystemLink Cloud.
  2. In LabVIEW NXG Web Module create a separate web application that can read Tags and Messages from SystemLink Cloud and visualize the data.
  3. Build and publish your web application to SystemLink Cloud to make it securely available on the internet.

The LabVIEW NXG Web Module example titled Call SystemLink Data Services gives details about using Tag and Messages with SystemLink Cloud.


Some other useful information can be the material from a NIWeek 2019 Hands-On session called Create Web-Ready User Interfaces with the LabVIEW NXG Web Module which has exercises that help you create a deploy a WebVI to SystemLink Cloud.

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