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LABVIEW FPGA I2C on FlexRio with 6583 Module


I am a new user of LabView FPGA. I already have a compileable VI that generates working code for my Flexrio with 6583 module. Now I am trying to add some I2C functionality. Basically, I just need the SDA and SCL lines to control something in my eval board. However, I am not quite sure how to get the I2C engine properly included in the VI. I downloaded this VI package I2C&SPI API of the NI LabVIEW Tools Network repository.It has the I2C engine that I place in my top level FPGA design VI. However, the problem is that the I2C IP port VI does not recognize any available I/Os ( see screenshot attached). Following my design, I need to set GPIO7 as SDA and GPIO6 as SCL. Both of these GPIOs have been set as outputs as well. Not sure why it is not getting recognized - as a note the I/O controls for the SPI modules do recogize 

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