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LABVIEW: Accessing Neurosky Raw EEG Data

I am currently using the Neurosky LabView Driver--its an open source code that was posted on the community at this website below:


I can get the Neurosky to communicate with LabView--outputting the raw eeg data, but on the back panal block diagram, I am having trouble actually finding where the raw EEG data is.  We need the raw eeg data, to export it to a file. I have also attached the LABVIEW Neurosky program. 


Has anybody had any experience with this?



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Have you taken any training on LabVIEW? Finding the raw data is rather simple, given that it is displayed prominenently on the front panel.


Double click on the Raw EEG chart on the front panel. That will take you to an unlabeled terminal on the block diagram. The wire connected to that terminal has the data from the most recent read. The default value is 30 samples.


If you change the unlabeled enum (default = Raw) above the chart while the program is running you will get a mixture of data on the chart which likely will be meaningless.


At any rate you can either get data from the chart history (up to 1024 points) or you need to accumulate the data in a shift register.


Did you notice that I am not a fan of unlabeled controls/terminals? It makes understanding and discussing the VI much more difficult. The VI and the subVIs are also completely lacking documentation.  I presume that you did not write these, but you might mention to whoever you got them from that the lack of documentation makes it much more difficult to understand and to use effectively these VIs.



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