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Kinesthesia not working with FRC framework, error "Wire: Type not supported in current target"

Attempting to use Kinesthesia vi's in an FRC cRIO project yields many of these wire errors. The errors occur in sub-vi's being called by Kinesthesia and are caused by data type wires specific to the Kinect library. These wires carry properties, functions, and methods loaded from the DLL Microsoft.Kinect. Below is context help for one of the many wires invoking these errors.


wire help.png


I know that the problem is specific to the FRC framework because the library works perfectly in a blank vi or project. Does the framework not allow third party libraries? Is there a way to change the properties of the project and allow the use of Kinesthesia? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure about kinesthesia but I am pretty sure that FRC works with Kinect.


I've used this before:

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That method stopped working for us after the new SDK came out and installed new drivers. The driver station no longer recognizes the Kinect, which is why we were looking for alternative libraries that might let us keep experimenting with the Kinect.

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to solve the problem of compatibilaidad between LabVIEW and. NET 4.0 framework follow signs for this publication


attached to the configuration file

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