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Keysight infiniivision 3000T X-series - set up MEAS in LabVIEW for otherwise manual use

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Getting my oscilloscope to transmit back to LabVIEW the measurement frequency counter is simple enough. That is not what I want to do.


I only want the VI to setup the oscilloscope, not to extract the values. If I do what I described above, I get the data, fine, but the oscilloscope doesn't keep the setting.


I know I can easily get this data out automatically, but it doesn't actually set the oscilloscope screen to those settings for continued manual use. Anybody got a solution for this?

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Hi again,


I found the solution.


Set up the oscilloscope the way you want it. Then press the physical button marked 'Save', in the 'File' area.

Format = setup

Save it to your user files, and choose any of the 10 setup files labelled setup_n, where n is a number from 0 to 9.


Now you can use the vi called to bring back those settings, just make sure to select the same number setup file you saved to earlier.

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