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Kethley 236 & LabView


I have very old Kethley 236. And I want to some measurements using Van Der Pauw theory using LabView. I am very new in these sort of measurements. So, I need some basic help. I will appreciate if any one can guide me ....

1. What kind of hardware I need?
2. Is there any modules or some sort of NI card I need?
3. Is there any LabView VI abailable on net?

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Hi winter,

              See some related threads:-





Thanks as kudos onlySmiley Happy
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I occasionly use a 236, and 237, for my measurements.


I use the following hardware for GPIB connection:


If you have only one instrument then it will plug straight into it, otherwise you'll have to get a bunch of GPIB leads, below is an example:



The VI's I got from the internet, I do know though that to get them to work I had to visit the Keithley website and download their KIOL (keithley Input Output Layer) first. If you cant find any, then I'll try and get the ones off my computer onto here. (A different computer thats not on the web).

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