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Kernel error upon deployment (cRIO9068)



I'm trying to deploy my project to the target, in order to have it boot up on its own once power is supplied.


Through MAX I have completed the deployment (I believe), but it's not working and when I check the error logs, this is all I get (from the kernel section):


Aug 16 13:10:56 Dyrmark-cRIO9068 kernel: [ 4.820678] UBI error: ubi_open_volume: cannot open device 0, volume 2, error -16

Aug 16 13:10:56 Dyrmark-cRIO9068 kernel: [ 4.969182] UBI error: ubi_open_volume: cannot open device 1, volume 0, error -16


I have a hard time finding information on this on the net, so I come here in the hope that someone might recognise what this is all about.


Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!





sorry, there actually was LV errors as well:

InitExecSystem() call to GetCurrProcessNumProcessors() reports: 2 processors

InitExecSystem() call to GetNumProcessors() reports: 2 processors

InitExecSystem() will use: 2 processors


Doesn't really seem like an error report, but I guess it could be pertinent.

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Get away from MAX.  In your project, go to the Build Specifications.  Find the deployment for your project (a build spec is required to deploy.  LabVIEW will make one for you by default if you don't make one.)  Right-click the spec you're using and check the "run at startup" option.

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 Hi natasftw, thanks for the reply.


I have done that. I assume I get that error exactly because it's trying to start up.

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Did you get a resolution for this?  My CRIO has posted similar are (UBI error: ubi_open_volume: cannot open device 0, volume 2, error -16) for months, but I didn't pay attention to it.  Now, the unit won't startup.  It's in an endless boot/crash cycle.


I assume the error suggests there's a solid state drive failure, but as the OP said, there's virtually no information about this message online.

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We found no 'real' solution or even discovered what was in fact wrong (though It wasn't hardware).


We ended up reformatting the target and reinstalling software. We did that a few times, in fact, so thanks to NI for making the process so painless! ;-)


You might try resetting the configuration DB first, but it didn't do anything for us.


Best of luck!

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