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Kepware OPC to LabView Student Edition

Hello All,


I using a Automation Direct P3-530 PAC to control a small pilot process.  We are using KepWareEX as an OPC to talk to a Student Edition of LabView V.11.


KepWares paperwork:


shows that we need an I/O Server to ultimately connect to the OPC.  I do not see this on our program.  Is this because we do not have DSC?


Could we set up a DataSocket object using the tutorial provided in a few other forums instead?  If we went that route would we need to spell out each tag we would need to use that?  Could I just move all the information from the OPC to a DataSocket and work off of that server in the project?



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I/O servers are part of the DSC module but you do not necessarily need them to communicate with an OPC server.

Go to the example finder and look for Monitor OPC Tags Using Datasockets or something similar. The data socket API is a pretty standard open, read/write, close and is good for reading smaller amounts of tags.
Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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