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Keithley DMM6500 Setting up a LAN trigger and initiating a LAN trigger

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I use three DMM6500 instruments to measure signals from inclinometers [X/Y/Z].

A 4th DMM6510 (scanning DVM 20ch) i use to measure auxiliary signals, excitation and temperatures of the sensors.

These inclinometers are fixed to a rotating table.
I can position the rotating stage within +/- 0.001°. 

The setup is used to calibrate the sensors.


I want to start a measurement with the 3 6500's with a LAN trigger.

The problem is that I don't know how to setup a trigger and how to initiate a LAN trigger from LV.

I think i have setup the 6500's trigger table correctly:

- 6500[X] wait for LAN-trigger ; set trigger output [BNC] ; measure the voltage in buffer (Sensor X)

- 6500[Y] wait for Input trigger[BNC] ; set trigger output [BNC] ; measure the voltage in buffer  (Sensor Y)

- 6500[Z] wait for Input trigger[BNC] ; set trigger output [BNC] ; measure the voltage in buffer  (Sensor Z)

- The scanning DAQ6510 is measured separately [no timing issues]. 

Has anyone experience with the LAN trigger from LV to the instruments?


regards hans

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I went through the Model DMM6500 6½-Digit Multimeter User’s Manual

It does not mention anything about LAN trigger, but only triggers with RS-232 and TSP-LINK

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In the Trigger configuration menu, it is possible to program, in a wait block, an analog input [BNC] or digital Input [if installed]  or a LAN Trigger 1-6.


It is really there, but I can't find it in the manual or in  the driver vi's ........

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TSP LINK uses LAN, so maybe it is talking about using TSP LINK trigger and not really "LAN" and it is applicable only in a multi-instrument use case and not send trigger from your computer to the instrument.





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If the instrument is SCPI and IEEE-488.2 compliant then it should respond to the the IEEE common command *TRG to trigger a measurement.


There will be be other commands you need to configure and arm the trigger, hopefully the manual has a section that covers the trigger subsystem and explains the SCPI commands necessary.  





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Accepted by topic author Hans_Willemsen_12

Found Configure Lan from Keithley DMM6500 Meter - Instrument Driver





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