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Keithley 6221/2182 arming and autorange in delta measurement


I am trying to write a program to make a voltage-current plot. I have 6221 connected via GPIB to my PC, and RS-232+trigger link between 6221 and 2182. I am facing two main issues:


1. To decrease the error percentage in my measures, I'd like to adapt the voltage range before I take samples. The problem is that I can't find a way to do this.


2. Each time I want to change the current, I have to disarm, configure, and arm again the delta mode. Is there any other way to do this? Because arming and disarming delta mode each time sounds like a lot.


I've spent long days searching for something like this in this forum, but I couldn't find anything conclusive.

I'd be truly grateful for some help!


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Given, you're talking about two Keithely instruments and your questions are related to instrument automation capability, it is best to contact Keithley for an answer or use their forums. This does not seem like a LabVIEW problem to post under the LabVIEW board. You may get an answer here but you get better chances if you posted in Keithley forums.



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