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Keithley 6220 Precision Current Source triggering to other devices

Anyone could enlighten on how to send out a trigger from 6220 current source to other devices such as AFG 3022 Function generator and 2182A nanovoltmeter. Is there anyway to test or verify if the current source is sending out trigger signal.


We have tried using the example program of the instrument driver of 6220 however we could not get the trigger signal we wanted.


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You can stick a scope probe on the correct pin of the the TriggerLink port. Unfortunately, I don't remember which pin it is. 


Instrument specific questions are best handled by the vendor. Have you contacted Keithley? What sort of cable are you using to connect to the other instruments? 

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We have tried correct pin of the the TriggerLink port to a Oscilloscope but did not manage to get a trigger signal. We are hoping to do a simple triggering program however, the only triggering commands we found is Arm layer and Trigger layer.

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