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Keithley 2450, Switchsystem 3706A with 3732 Matrixkarte communication

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i want to measure a resistor with a 2450 SMU by Keithley. With the systemswitch 3706A and the matrixcard 3732 i want to change between some measuring points. This means i want to close some Channels, measure the resistor and finally open the channel to change the measuring points. 


The drivers are implemented at LabVIEW and they work. For example, I initialize the SMU 2450, then I want to close a channel an start the measure. It doesn't work. 

Measuring the resistor only with the 2450 is fine and works. Closing and Opening a Channel only with 3732 is even no problem.

But when they work together it doesn't work 😞

How can I give a command from the 2450 to the 3706A to close the channel or to open a channel?


Can someone answer my Question? 

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Accepted by Jenni1234.

Hallo Jenni,


wie du vielleicht bemerkt hast, ist dies ein englischsprachiges Forum - und du solltest deine Fragen auf Englisch schreiben. Oder du postest im deutschsprachigen !


Does the manuals of both devices describe how (and if) they can communicate over this "TSP-Link"? (It seems this is a question you should post in a Keithley forum and not in a LabVIEW forum…)

Why do you want to have a communication between both devices, when you can control both from your computer running your LabVIEW program?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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