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Keithley 2450 4 wire resistance measurement



I'm a student who study at material design lab in SKKU, Korea. 

I'm new in labview program.. I want your advice.


I want to measure 4 wire resistance measurement with bias current input with Keithley 2450. 


I downloaded driver.  


This is the whole VI, 

I used sub VI a lot because I need to use in another code.







I notice I have to use "Enable Remote Sensing"  - after that "Enable Output" from searching. 


But when I run the code and look at the front panel of Keithley, it shows two wire mode, measuring current, input voltage.. 


What component should I adjust?







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Not sure if this will help but here is the pertinent part pulled from one of our routines.  I don't see anything obvious for order of operation that would cause yours to not work, but I don't have direct access to the hardware currently to test it out.  



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thanks for reply. 



I build this VI again, but it gives

2 wire mode, resistance measurement, input voltage. 


I have no idea what sub VI can set 4 wire mode... 

Did I miss something? 



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화면 캡처 2021-12-22 130240.png


I found that if I do in this sequence, it can measure


input current / 4 wire voltage measurement mode / voltage output 



when I use Keithley program to measure sheet resistance, it measure resistance using 4 wire voltage measurement mode. 

So I guess using 4 wire voltage measurement mode is right, but I don't know how to make output as resistance ( ohm unit ).. 


Do you have any solution for this..? 



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Check this old thread. It is also regarding 4 wire resistance measurement using keithley 2440. It might help you.

CLD Using LabVIEW since 2013
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I want to measure 4 wire resistance measurements with bias current input with Keithley 2450.

I downloaded a driver that gives an error.

I could not find the relevant driver. can you help me? send me the download link for the driver 4 wire resistance measurement.

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 i have not run 4 mode LabVIEW program in 2016 lab view. plz send 4 mode labview code for 2016 version.  


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Hi Bisht,


@Bisht wrote:

plz send 4 mode labview code for 2016 version.  

Did you already checked the IDNet?

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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