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Keithley 2182A & Keithley 6221 Voltage vs Current Plot

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I am currently using The Keithley 2182A & 6221, and I want to read and plot the voltage (y-axis) vs current (x-axis). I have the drivers for both and all examples, but I cannot properly measure voltage on the 2182A without error-450. I also need help measuring current source to a plot against the measured voltage with the 6221.

Attached is the 6221 example for current sweep and my code for 2182A to plot Current vs time.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hi theInfiniteOne,


Can you give a little more context for Error 450 that you are receiving? What does the error message say and which VI does it occur with?


Have you been able to run one of the examples that comes with the device's properly and without error?



Tyler C.
Technical Support Engineering
National Instruments
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The error in the Keithley 2182A occurs every other reading on the instrument after the, not in the code. The driver example "Relative Measurement" also has an error and won't run.

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Hi theInfiniteOne,


If the error is occurring in the Keithley device, and you are unable to run the example program that they provided. It may be best for you to reach out to Keithley or their forums as I am unsure of how this device would operate normally or what that error code means.


If I'm incorrect, and the errors occurring are LabVIEW errors, a screenshot of the error would be a good start to continue troubleshooting.

Tyler C.
Technical Support Engineering
National Instruments
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Need a bit more information on you setup.  Are you using the K6221/2182A in coupled mode with a trigger link and serial port connection?  This can be setup to do an I-V measurement automatically and then download the data.   This would be entirely through K6221 commands and no connection to the K6221 needed.


The other method is using the computer to send individual current steps and reading voltage using LV for each step.

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The VI sample you set does not have any communication with the K6221.  You are just reading the K2182A in a loop.   Make sure that you have the K2182 in SCPI mode, and you possibly need the GPIB remote enable turned on.


My version of the K2182A manual does not show an error 450 nor does it show an error -450?  Can you check the error log on the K2182A and make sure that is what error you are getting?



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My apologies it's error -410 on the 2182A Query Interrupted EE. The code I sent is just of the 2182A reading data in a loop and getting the error by itself.

I've tried using the labview example of Delta on the 6221/2182A. I get error -85 when it set params for the 2182A. 

I'm simply trying to plot the voltage vs current. I get error -85 using the delta example and an error -410 plotting of voltage vs time. 

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I don't have the Keithley drivers installed, but look at the driver "" and see what command it is sending to do a read.  Can you even get a simple *IDN? response from the unit?

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the command just says :READ?;

There are no errors shown in LabView, only on the device itself -410 then -350

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Accepted by topic author theInfiniteOne

Try removing that trailing semicolon.  That is weird and should not be necessary.  I don't have a unit to test but my code never sends that unless there is a second command. That may be the issue of the unterminated command where it is expecting a second command that it is not getting.

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