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Keep a vi open after an event is finished...

Hi all,
I've got a problem with the event structure. I have a very simple vi with just three cases. This vi should be an overview where I can go to the different subvis. If these subvis are closed I want to return to the vi with the event structure. Therefore I first made a while loop, but this was always running and causing a cpu usage of 100%. So I tried the event structure and it worked quite good. The problem is now that if I press the button the subvi opens, but the event structure stops running. So if I go back tpo that vi it not running any more. I wanted to tell the event structure that after opening an event it should wait for the next event. But I don't know how to do that. Thx for your help...
Greets Thomas
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I don't know if I really understand your problem, but the event structure is not a loop, so it won't wait for the next event. You need to have a while loop "around" your event structuer, so the program will come back after an event occur.

Hope this helps,
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Hi Thomas,

like PauloM said, you have to use a while loop around your cases.
To prevent of 100% cpu usage you have to place a "wait until next ms multiple" (or another wait block) inside the loop and connect a constant with a value of 100 (for 100ms for example).
If you run a while loop without a wait block, the cpu tries to run this loop as often as it could.
To understand better you can look at the while loop examples.

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Hi Watermann,

I thought that if we have an event structure in a while loop (mainly if the timeout is not wired) we wouldn't need the wait.
Does the event structure consumes resources while it is waiting for an event to happen?

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thx for your help. I think Paulo is right. I just made a while loop and now it is working with 0% CPU usage. That's exactly what I wanted.
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