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Issues with building a VI into a .exe in Labview 2016

@Frozen wrote:

Now that you have isolated the problem ie your computer and your setup, next logical step would be to re-install LabVIEW to see if that fixes the problem.

Let us know how it goes.

Two years ago (through my own foolishness), I was in a similar position where I "ruined" LabVIEW, try to remove and reinstall, didn't work.  I actually did this on three machines, one Windows 7, and two Windows 10.  The Windows 7 I could "fix".  The Windows 10 machines I fixed by starting with the following three steps:

  1. Backed up my files.
  2. Inventoried my installed Software and Settings.
  3. Reformatted my C: drive, reinstalled Windows, reinstalled Software, restored my files.

After this, successfully (re-)installed LabVIEW.


Bob Schor


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