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Issues accessing Citadel 5 Universe




I would like to use the Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module features to log data, but to get used to it I tried to access the Citadel 5 Universe from MAX > Historical Data > Citadel 5 Universe. When I tried to open it I only saw an empty gray box rather than Citadel's file structure (see attachment "1")

Not sure whether the Citadel 5 Universe was running properly, I went to Services from Control Panel and found that neither NI Citadel 4 Service nor NI Citadel 5 were running. When I try to run them, I get the error message seen in attachment "2".

In its properties, I see that the NI Citadel 5 service depends on the NI PSP Service Locator service, which gives me the error message in attachment "3" when I try to start it.


I also tried to run the example VIs in DSC module to see if the services would be automatically started once I run relevant VI's, but I got an undefined error (-1) in the DSC module VIs.


Could you help me fix this issue?


Thanks in advance,

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