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Issue with the linking of a constant to a "bundle by name" by script

Good morning everyone,


Can someone help be : I have to create a VI that generate another VI by script, so at a moment I need to create a cluster therefore I need to bundle by name several indicators. My problem is that I can't create a constant to link to the "Bundle By Name" to tell it how to bundle, and I don't know why!!!


The Value of the constant is a variant for I can give what I want but giving a boolean creates a coercion point. And this creation fails with the 1075 error (probe n°3).

Here is the extract of my diagram.




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(very) dirty - but functional - example in LV 2010.


Hope this helps.

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Antoine Chalons

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Thank you for posting your question on National Instruments' Forum.


The example TiTou posted could be a good starting point indeed. 


Also, I wondered why you are using the bundle by name function. If you create your cluster for the first time, the bundle function should work better and should dispense you from creating a dummy cluster.


If you have more questions about VI scripting, I suggest you post them on this particular section of the forum dedicated to VI scripting and LabVIEW API.


API Community: LabVIEW Scripting Main Board


Best regards,

Guillaume H.
National Instruments France

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