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Issue installing NI-VISA on an offline computer

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I already have LabVIEW 2018 SP1 installed, and I also have NI MAX installed and I need NI-VISA to be installed. However, when I try to run the installer for NI-VISA, I get the error code exazb9.


The error code has a page on about using Batch Installer Builder to resolve this issue, but I am not sure if that is the correct approach or what output directory I should choose in that case. 


I am also wondering if NI Package Manager would be useful in this case?

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Did you download the offline installer or the standard installer?  At the download page there is a link below the "Download" button that you need to use to get the offline installers.

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I tried installing the offline version from the webpage for NI-VISA, this is the link


I think NI Package Manager was able to install it.


I am a little bit confused, however, because I can search my computer for NI MAX and I am able to find it and open it as an app, but I cannot find NI VISA in the same way and I am only able to locate a folder in documents with the same name that appears to contain help files.


Is it possible that I have downloaded and installed the wrong version? 

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Never mind, I found it by including the dash. so NI-VISA worked.

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