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Issue in calling a Source Distributed VI


                 I created a source distribution for a particular module in my project, when try to load the same in my runtime(exe) it didn't load and I got the error attached in the file.


I am using the full development version of LabVIEW 2017 only


Also I found some of the source distributed VI’s are inside LLB’s. Is it causing the problem? Or Is there any particular method for creating a source distribution for VI’s inside the LLB?


Kindly suggest some solution to solve the issue

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Hi Guna,

Is the EXE running on the development station?

When a deployed EXE is broken, it's usually because a resource is missing on the target station - like DAQmx, or some dll that is needed by the application.

A "brute-force" approach to identifying the specific location of the problem is to use the diagram-disable structure to selectively disable/enable different parts of your code.Start by disabling the entire diagram, if that allows the deployed VI to load, then enable "half" the diagram to see if the error recurs.  It should only take a few iterations before you are able to identify the specific code.


If you are using a Project\build\SourceDistribution" to create your LLB, consider modifying the "Additional Exclusions" - for instance, you may _want_ to include subVIs from the VI.lib.


Hope it helps! 

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