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Issue faced in database connectivity (through UDL) in a 64bit machine



I have made an application in "LabVIEW" that fetches data from MS ACCESS 2013, the application connects to database via. UDL (universal data link).  The provider that we use is JET FLASH 12.0.  The application and the database connectivity is working fine on a 32 bit machine.


Now the issue that we are facing is, when my machine (PC) is 64 bit, I could not access the database although the provider JET FLASH 12.0 is present.


Can any one help how to over come this issue.  Please note that the database was made in MS ACCESS 2013 (32-bit Version).  Is it a problem of run-time engine ?

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It's not saying the JET FLASH isn't there.


It's saying that you've used absolute paths that make sense on your development machine.  Those same paths don't match where the database is stored on the deployment machine.


Go to D:\DATA BACKUP\PROJECTS\GUI\LABVIEW\laptop data\LABVIEW\WALL\  on the deployment machine.  Does this directory exist?  Or, are you running the application elsewhere and need to spend some time understanding relative pathing?

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Hi Natasftw,


Thanks for your reply.  I have corrected as pointed by you.


But please note that the following error is now encountered ( I hope this is due to the UDL linking/provider not found), please find the attached image.


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