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Issue-Snap to Single Plot Automatically moving in XY graph whenever created


Dear All,


My Application display 20 plots in XY graph and total data points displayed in graph will vary based on Graph lenght in seconds.Ex 5 min graph length will display 1500 data points in circular buffer mehtod,similarly 15 min graph lenght display 2500 data points.It works like this.


I have initialised the the buffer of 60000 data points for all plots and created data value refernence for them and used to insert new data acquired from sensors from last .i.e 59999 USING IN PLACE ELEMENT and will display 1500 data points as described above.


But when I am creating annotation with Snap to single plot ,my annotation is moving along the new data points whichever appended to XY graph.


Checked everything but still dont know why this is happening.


Please help me out on this .



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This is hard to understand. Can you show a bit of your code?


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Hi ,..Thanks for the reply.


Attached the code that is implemented in my application for displaying acquired data from sensors in Graph.


Please run the and create annotation over the graph ,you will find the annotation will be moving along other data points and it wont be staying where it is created.


Also please suggest the way I am plot history data and new data in graph and why that issue is coming.


What the best  i can do for plotting data.

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Looking forward for your good suggestions and helping me out of this.


Let me know for any other details

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