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Ismatec reglo pump



I am tring to istall the Labview software for an ismatec REGLO Digital MS-2/12.

This was a pump bought some time ago, I am an Msc student and I do not know were to find

the manual. I have already the ismatec pump control software but I can not interface with the pump

or install the specific LabVIEW drivers. Besides, I am using the female 9pin port, the only

left on the PC. Any suggestion on how to proceed would be really appriciated.

If you need farther info please ask.


Thank you in advance,

Kind regards

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Well the LabVIEW drivers are available on the site under this link?


You say you have a 9 pin connector, which i am going to assume is a rs-232 connector since this is what the hardware defines.


The manual is here.


Do you have the pump hooked up? Are you having problems connecting to rs-232?

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Hi, thank you for the fast reply.


 I already had the reglo D zip file and I have expanded it and try to used it.

 I read the manual but I am not sure if I can use the out Rs232 as an input, I guess not.


 The problem is that I have only one female plug on the computer

 that is available. My main concern was about the possibility to use

 a female to male Rs232 and if there is any direction issue.

 Right now, I have only female/female available.


 I also have the pump hooked up and perfectly functioning

 with the bottons implemented on the machine.


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If you have a com port on the pc and one on the instrument, you can connect them. I'm not sure why you think that you can't. Look in the manual for pin connections and use the appropriate cable type. It will be either a null modem or straight through.
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I have two com port on the pump, one female and one male. In the manual the male is told to be needed for PC connection(called IN)

and the female(called OUT) if you need to connect pumps in series. This mean that I need a cable Rs-232 with a male port for the pump to connect it

to the PC, if I want to use it as the manual indicates. Although, I need a female port for the computer.

My main question is, am I forced to connect the computer and the pump with a male/female com port?

Will it work? if it is so I will order the cable. Otherwise, is it possible to used the so called OUT com port?


Sorry if I was not clear from the beginning,

Thank you in advance.

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I wrongly gave a kudo, I guess is a point.


Anyway, I have two com port Rs232 on the pump one male and a female. The manual describe the male as OUT and female as IN,

the first one for connection of pumps in series and the second for PC connection. This means that I need a male cable

to use the PC port but I need a female for the PC. MY question is, is there an issues if I use a male to female Rs232?

Will it worked? if so I will order the cable otherwise do I have other solutions?


Sorry for being not clear,

Thank you in advance

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As I said, the cable type depends on what is in the manual. Do you have to connect rx to tx and tx to rx or tx/tx and rx to rx? The first is the null modem scheme I mentioned and the second is straight through. It is NOT enough to merely specify a male to female cable. This is basic serial communication know how.
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I have to connect rx to tx and tx to rx, I will buy the cable then. Thank you for your help, I am always

happy to learn. I did not know even the that the name Rs232 existed or the term null modem.

I will try this an see if it works... 🙂

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