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Is there no way to Programmatically trigger a Latch Boolean?

The only way I found so far to solve this issue is to use the OR function connected to the latch boolean and with another boolean.  I set the second boolean on latch too. This worked satisfactorily for me. In this case it is not programmatically triggered but button triggered. I am pretty sure it is then possible to set the second boolean as not a latch, this means switch which can be programmatically triggered. Then this the second boolean will trigger the latched one when triggered. See the image attached as illustration.  I tried the event method but I could not make it work properly. So I think the method I proposed could be the way to go. 

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You can simulate a latched Boolean by making the button SWITCH when released, then use its property to set it back to FALSE in its event case.  That way you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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@krakzz42 wrote:

The only way I found so far.... 

Thanks for reviving a 12 year old thread, but there are several flaws with your post: If you only found one solution, you did not look hard enough. There is >>1 solution for everything in life!!!


There are plenty of ways to do all that and some have been already discussed years ago. Your picture does not have sufficient information to event reproduce what you are trying to say, so as a first step, attach a simplified, fully functional VI that demonstrates your "solution".


As has been mentioned, the typical solution is to use a switch action boolean and reset it via a local variable once the triggered action has started or completed (event structure, etc.)


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