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Is there a way to put the front panel of one VI embedded in the front panel of another, especially a tab object?

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I have a stack of sub-vi's each of which reports similar content.  I want to be able to view and control the sub-vi through the main/calling VI.  Is there a way to cleanly wrap that into the tabs the main vi?  If I change the sub-vi will it proliferate to the main vi?  How do I make that work?



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You can use a sub panel object to embed the front panel from another VI into your vi. 


Theres a quick example to get you started.


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I am currently wanting to interface with the front panel of one or more of my subVIs in my program. When I call them, each subVI shows up as a new window on my computer screen. Is there a way that I can have each subVI be part of my Main VI Front Panel so I do not have as many windows on my screen?:


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