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Is there a way to print a simple list of SubVIs?

I don't think the feature exists in 6i, but maybe it is available in 6.1?

I would like to be able to print an alpha-numerically sorted list of all included subvi with critical information included...i.e. Folder or Library paths, file date, file size, and maybe occurances.

Printing of subvi lists in 6i takes reams of paper to produce this info. The VI Metrics feature is almost the kind of feature I am seeking, however I cannot sort, print, or even minimize the VI Metrics window.

Isnt there a less wasteful and simplified way to print all VI names and paths?

Been searching the menus to no avail.

Mike B.
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There's a VI called Get Memory in \Examples\memmon.llb that will give you much of the information that you want. You'll have to make some modifications to add a print-out capability.
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There is also an open source version at under the LabVIEW Development Tools project, called VI's in memory.
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