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Is there a way to make table entries vertical rather than horizontal?

I am wanting to make custom x-axis values which are names of sensors rather than numbers so i was going to just place a table to make the custom values.  But i do not think Labview will allow vertical text like it is in the y-axis units.  It only allows this for captions and labels.  Does anyone know?
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Seems that you are right : no way to change the text orientation in most LabVIEW indicators.

Except one : the picture indicator. There you can change the text orientation. And since the tools to create custom graphs have been provided (see the Graphics and Sound > Picture plots sub-palette), your problem can be solved, of course with some programing work.

Things could be more comfortable if NI developpers could spend some time to improve the LV graphs. BTW, there is still no simple way to change programatically a graph frame color. Or have I missed something ?

Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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Here is a quick demo that is a bit more robust and picks-up on CC's suggestion.

It simply uses a picture control with a transparent background to hold the text labels.

It is in LV 8.0 but should be code-able back to 6.1.

This VI is suitable for use in creating an XControl.

Anyone game? Smiley Happy


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Sorry , no stars yet because of there is a terrible bug :
while rotating the text, the strings are scrambled : for instance sensor is changed into senosr

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Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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Well actually,

it looks like a colleague of mine wrote the array (he is dyslectic)
And i think the code is very helpful!

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I really appreciate it guys, this should work just the way i need it too.  Thanks.
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