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Is there a way to edit the Properties right-click menu of an X Control?

I am creating an x-control. I have created several custom properties. I know I can access those with property nodes in my code. What I am wondering is if there is a way to edit the graphical pop up "Properties" window that appears when you right-click a control and go to properties? I would like to provide a graphical way to edit some of the custom properties I have set up in there.

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See this thread


Unfortunately you're going to have to do a decent bit of programming because you have to handle the event and then use the property nodes to edit the property, etc.


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Thanks for the reply. So it appears that thread is about modifying the right-click menu dynamically  while the program is running. That isn't what I am looking to do. I want to add my own tabs to the graphical Properties window that all controls have.

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Oops, misread what you were asking I guess. I don't believe that is possible since it's a native popup of LabVIEW. 

So you're trying to just allow the developer to change those properties easier? I'm not sure there's anything you can do there because you're diving in to default values now as well.


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Yes that is what I am trying to do. I didn't see any official documentation on it, so was just wondering if there was a workaround. 


The XControl I am working on is complicated enough that I think being able to graphically manipulate the properties would be the most user friendly way. There is some inheritence involved in some of the properties. I didn't really want a user to need series of property nodes to get at what they are after.


Thanks again!

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