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Is there a microscope camera to connect to labview

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I am working on a project that requires me to use a camera to capture image and show the image on Labview. I previously used a normal webcam (DirectShow) to connect to Labview and can display the image acquired from the webcam on Labview. Please see attached VI.

But I want to use a better camera to increase the image resolution. I am now looking for a camera that could connect to microscope through a C mount and also compatible with Labview. 

Is there anyone who might have experience with a camera compatible with labview?


Another question is in Labview, if there is a way to increase the range of grey value from an image? For example, in the "Light meter" Vi, the maxium of grey value (pure white) is 255. But if using Image J (another image processing software from NIH), the maximum of grey value could be reached to 4000.




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Hi Z,


A great place to start is at this link, which lists out which camera types are compatible with National Instruments software. From there, once you have selected bus type, you can continue searching here. You can see the scan type, color option, resolution, and rate for all of the cameras that are offered under that bus type.



Rita Prather
Software Product Manager
National Instruments
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