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Is there a better way to do the following with strings....

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I'm going to comment that (per the detailed help) setting that property to a negative number will set the scroll position to the bottom.  But other than that, that's what I do.  But I hope someone else has a more elegant solution.

So I guess this actually gets into a debate of what is elegant.  The input is an unsigned 32 bit.  So sure, a -1 for a signed 32 bit gives you exactly what I have unsigned.  So the question of elegance becomes - do we like coercion dots, or do we like big fat numbers?

What is interesting about this is that somewhere in its history it must've been an i32 because I always right-click to make the constant, and U32 won't let you enter negative numbers.  Either that, or I just shrugged when it wouldn't let me enter a negative number and I changed it myself and forgot that part.

It was a U32 at least as far back as LabVIEW 3.1.1 (yes, I just tried it).

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i put that functionality into an XControl a long time ago.  It even has a little lock button at the lower right to turn the feature on & off.

"If you weren't supposed to push it, it wouldn't be a button."
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