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Is the compilation done differently on Linux than on Windows?

Hey guys,


I am currently having some issues with a FPGA program with Softmotion not compiling.

We are running out of options in terms of how to get this FPGA program compiled.


So my question is does compiling on Linux have a different probability of compiling FPGAs?

I have heard that Xilinx Compiler is meant for Linux so it runs more efficiently and faster,

so I was just wondering if the compile method was different as well



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It doesn't matter if you run it on Windows or Linux.  The compiler was just optimized to run on Linux, therefore it can run faster on Linux.  But the compilation itself won't matter.


I'd say it is time for you to go through your local NI representative to try to get some time with the NI Systems Engineering group.  They will likely find plently of places to help you optimize and fit your code in into an FPGA.

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