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Is it possible to work with terms of an array like I do in excel?

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I'm creating a vi that store a lot of encoder pulse signals into an array, and I want to work with these terms like I do in excel. Things like calculate a mean of a column, multiply terms of the array, divide by constants. 


is it possible? if not, what's the better way to work with this kind of data?

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Very much possible, thats the whole point of having arrays, so that you can manipulate as you need them. The possibilities are endless.

array functions.png

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This and your other question leads me to ask: have you done any of the LabVIEW tutorials? To learn more about LabVIEW it is recommended that you go through the introduction material, tutorial(s), and other material in the NI Developer Zone's Learning Center which provides links to other materials and other tutorials. There are also several Technical Resources. You can also take the online courses for free.

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aCe, you're always very objective at your answers. 


Thank you very much

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