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Is it possible to use x- and y- scale ranges 'in proberty nodes' to more than one task??

Hi guys And girls
I'm using this vi to plot some measuremts data! First I need to control the x- & y- scale ranges under the measurements so I can Se a greater sample range or a greater time period. But I'm using the x- scale and y-scale ranges with the the scale ranges from the chart so I can plot the data to the graphs like in a chart. The Ironicly by that is that i'll also use the x-y-scale ranges for the Graphs, again to a third task!    
the first task  is possible when not using  the data history proberty for the chart. like in but here in i'm using the datahistory proberty, and there i got some problems.
Now, the Ironicly by that is that i'll also use the x-y-scale ranges for the Graphs again, to a third task!    
Is it possible, so I can use time on it?
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Hi Zamzam,
I am not absulutely sure how to understand your question. For each graph or chart, you can create a property node to control scale ranges. Could you please give me some details on what you want to achieve, and where in your code the problem arises?
Peter Porsman | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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