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Is it possible to make a Frequency Domain Reflectometer using LabView? For waveguide frequency measurement?

Hi everyone Smiley Happy


I have a tricky question that I have looking around for the answer but couldn't find it!

I want to know if I can build a Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) to measure frequency return in waveguide. Telecommunication engineers would understand what I mean! It a bit like TDRs but its frequency instead of time. 

I would like to build a Frequency Domain Reflectometer using labview application, how can I do that? What sort of code do I need and what equipment do I need to operate with the NI code?


Please give me the chance to thank you all very very much for your help and support and for looking here,




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Hi Fezz,


I am not familiar with using FDR systems but know there is a good example of producing a TDR in LabVIEW available on the community. This might provide you with a base and a grasp of the architecture you could use to create the functionality.

Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) Example


Regarding the equipment you would require to achieve this I strongly recommend contacting your local NI office who will be able to adviser you fully as this will depend upon your desired specification.


Kind Regards,

Aaron. E
Product Performance Engineer
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Hi Aaron

thanks very much for your help. i relise it is kind of the same consept and background as TDR and FDR are in simular operations however i just wanted to get more info and share others view to see if i am on the right tracks. however your advice has trully supported me and i think i have a better view of what i need to do next. thank you



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