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Is it possible to display more than one image in Imaq Display?

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Hi, i need a little help here. I captured 5 frames from a webcam for processing them. At the end of processing i need to show, to user, the 5 frames but i do not want to use 5 imaq display. I already tryed the image browser and, even if it works, it seem to me very ugly. Are there any other, more elegant, method that i can use?



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You could tile the images into a single image. One initial easy way I can think of is converting to arrays, appending the arrays to each other (say in 2x rows of 3 where the space for a 6th image is black) and converting back to a single larger image. You'd end up with an image 6x times the size of the original.

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But in this case i get the same image that comes to me from the image browser. In my dreams (Smiley Happy) i imagine a single imaq display and a scroll, or other control method, which allows me to scroll between images.

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You're right, I see. Another possible idea: use a single display and use a simple Ring control to select which image is displayed. Or, make an array of displays and scroll up and down the array to view the differen images.

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Accepted by topic author FM82
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hi Francesco,


I've made a quick example VI on how you can stitch images together like this.


The VI lets the user select multiple image files, loads them in turn, creates an image large enough to hold them all, then copies the smaller images into the large image offsetting them by the appropriate X value.


Hopefully this should help!

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Thank you very much,  you were very useful to me! Smiley Wink

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